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Quality fuels at a great price

At Petroleum Sales, Inc., we offer our own brand of fuel products. We have all grades of e10 gasohol, conventional gasoline, on road diesel fuel, and off road diesel fuel. We can supply fuel in a tank that you own, or offer you a tank rental solution.  

Customer service and quality fuels are our #1 priority

At Petroleum Sales, Inc., our customers are our business! We take pride in putting our customers first, and have been doing so since 1943! We offer retail, commercial, agriculture and construction delivery options for all of your fuel needs. 

Same day bulk plant deliveries

 At Petroleum Sales, Inc., we have a local bulk plant facility that gives us the flexibility of bringing you fuel on the same day if ordered in time. We know how easy it is to get busy and forget to order your fuel until you are out. We will do our best to help you get back operational 

History of Petroleum Sales Inc.

  From parking the small tank wagons in the "Barn", where the horses had been kept, to selling products to NASA for the space programs, Petroleum Sales Inc. (PSI), has evolved in the last seventy four years. The first representative for the first Standard Oil Company of KY. (KYSO) was Mr. Will Wyker, who sold kerosene and later gasoline in front of his hardware store on Bank St. in Decatur. Later, Mr. Rogers was the commission agent for KYSO. The office (bulk plant) was located just West of Gobble Fite Lumber Co. on Market Street. It was at this location that the small delivery trucks were parked nightly in the stalls where the horses had been kept.    In 1943, R.W.Orr, Sr. became the "commission agent" for KYSO and remained the companies representative until 1969. In the last years of WWII, while gasoline was rationed, the crew at the bulk plant would often work through the night fueling the Navy's boats that were being constructed at Ingalls Shipyard. In the war years, rationing stamps were more valuable than money. From the early days of the automobile until the late seventies, most of the gas was sold by service station dealers and company-operated stations. Just before the Arab Oil Embargo, the company was incorporated and Petroleum Sales Inc. came into being. It was the first incorporation by a commission allowed by Chevron in the Southeast. From oil embargoes to truck strikes and other changes, the 1970's were a difficult and exciting time. The oil company refused to believe that self service would last, and would not allow PSI to change its methods of marketing for several years. However, one of the dealers tried self service, and lowered his gas prices. To see how much the customer had pumped, he would use binoculars to read the pumps. This was probably the first self service location that Chevron had in Alabama.  The 1980's were highlighted by PSI becoming a branded jobber for Chevron and the opening of the first Bud's at 6th Ave. and 7th St. in Decatur. By the time 1999 arrived, the company was operating twenty one convenience stores, and there were no service stations. This was certainly a change from the old days. Since then we have seen unattended fuel stations, renewable fuels and electric vehicles. Who knows what the future will hold, but Petroleum Sales, Inc plans are to evolve with the changes and fuel demands of the future.

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